Scoop! There It Is is a drafting game for 2-7 players who will try to make three high-scoring ice cream cones. Players simultaneously draft one card from their hand and place their drafted card on one of their three ice cream cones. Each card represents a scoop of ice cream, and has a specific way it will score points at the end of the game. After drafting a card, players pass their hand of cards to the next player, and continue the process until all cards have been drafted. After three rounds, players score their ice cream cones and the player with the most points wins. It’s a fun twist on a familiar drafting mechanic where the spatial placement of cards affects the scoring, making the choice of what to draft a tad more exciting.

Scoop! There It Is was a 2020 Pitch Project Finalist as well as a 2020 Geekway to the West design contest selection and is available for licensing from designer Mondo Davis. For more information, use the contact form on this website or email

Scoop! There It Is has also been rethemed as Skate City, where players are skateboarders trying to put together the most impressive set of tricks they can.

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