Here’s a rundown of my most recent design. It’s only a few days old but is ready for playtesting already.

Name: Hatch

Specs: 2-5 players, 30 min

Mechanics: Dice Drafting, Action Retrieval, Area Control

Story: It’s baby turtle season, and all of the momma sea turtles are preparing to make their trips onto the sandy beaches of Turtle Bay to make their nests and set the conditions for their babies to hatch and make the journey to the water. In Hatch, players become one of those momma turtles and will try to successfully lay their eggs, hatch their babies, avoid those pesky predators, and reunite with them safe and sound. Players start with 6 actions that they can perform, and will use their turn to draft one of the game dice to apply to one action. The value on the die determines the degree to which each action can be taken. Once players have completed 6 rounds, the player who has united with the most of their baby sea turtles is the winner.

Status: Brand New, awaiting playtesting.