I’ve come up against a bit of a wall in my game design process. I’ve become accustomed to an evolving workload that is always in flux. I typically have two or three designs I’m actively working on, two or three that I’ve stopped working on due to having finished them or having realized that they need to be abandoned, and another five to ten that I’ve begun to conceptualize, but am not actively working on. This is the balance, and ultimately the struggle, that I’ve gotten used to over the years. There’s never enough time to focus enough attention to feel like I’m making adequate progress on all of my designs, especially since I’m always juggling so many projects. But, recently I’ve begun to feel discouraged about the process itself. I’ve spent most of my design time over the last few weeks developing current designs, trying to get them to a play-testing stage. This has meant that my time conceptualizing new game ideas and concepts has slowly diminished, as I instead focus on development of designs that are somewhat far along. I’ve noticed as this has happened that I’ve missed the process of creating new things. My creative self is less engaged as I develop old established designs than it is when I sit down in front of nothing and piece together something new. I’m discovering my need to create new things in addition to refine that which I’ve already begun to create. This is a complicated task, however, as time is a limited resource. I need to work toward a balance, of using the time I have to both develop and create, to nurture that which is and bring about that which is not yet. Here’s to a season of balance.