Name: Alfrombras

Details: 2-4 players, Ages 8+, 20 minute playtime

Mechanics: Tile Laying, I Cut You Choose

Story: Make a sawdust mural in the streets of Comayagua in preparation for Semana Santa by laying tiles. Create shapes to score points. Each player gets a turn as lead player and selects which tiles are placed during the round.

Stage: Early development. Alfombras has had one public play test, with more to follow.

Name: Smalltown, USA

Details: 1-5 players, Ages 8+, 30 minute playtime

Mechanics: Co-Op, Hand Management

Story: Work together with a group of City Council members to save the city of Wardell, Missouri from dying out as families and businesses begin to leave town. Use your hand of action cards to counter the attrition in Wardell.

Stage: Early Development. Smalltown, USA is ready for it’s first play test.