The most daunting part of game design (besides awkwardly asking friends to play test my games) is putting together a rule book. I typically start working on the rule book for a game design pretty early on in the process. It’s a slog though, especially when the rules are finalized. Communicating the complexities of a game design in comprehensible language to an assumed audience that is starting at a zero-level of understanding about the game and its mechanics is difficult to do. In fact, the majority of feedback that I get from blind play testers usually centers around confusing language in the rule book. It’s definitely not a fun part of the process for me. But, I think it’s an area in which I need to grow, as it’s crucial to help make the play test process as smooth and fluid as possible. All in all, it’s no fun. As a practice, however, I’ve attached the three rule books that I’ve completed below. Hopefully this will be a reference for how far I’ve come.