Here are the games I’m working on

Colorfield by Mondo Davis

Name: Colorfield

Details: 2-4 players, Ages 8+, 20 minute playtime

Mechanics: Tile Laying

Story: Make Paintings by laying tiles on a canvas. Match colors to score points.

Stage: Colorfield has been signed by 25th Century Games and is set for production by summer of 2020.

Name: Into the Woods

Details: 1-5 Players, Ages 8+, 20 minute playtime

Mechanics: Hand Management, Engine Building

Story: Collect sets of cool stuff from the woods and score points by putting those sets in your pocket.

Stage: Development is completed, and the artwork is still being finished. I will start pitching this game to publishers next month.

Name: Picture Me Rolling

Detaills: 3-8 Players, Ages 10+, 15 minute playtime

Mechanics: Roll-and-Write, Drawing

Story: Use die faces to draw a picture from a card and have other players guess the word that you drew.

Stage: This is in the late playtesting stage, but I’ve floated the idea to some industry friends and have gotten some interest. I’m looking to further develop it and hopefully pitch it soon.

Name: Megachurch

Details: 2-5 Players, Ages 10+, 45 minute playtime

Mechanics: Worker Placement

Story: Try and grow your humble local church into a sprawling Megachurch. Players use their pastors to take actions and try and grow their congregation. The player with the most weekly attendants on Sunday wins.

Stage: This game is early in the playtesting stage. It’s been fun to make, and I look forward to developing it further.

Stay tuned for more updates!